Puyallup Tribal Member Services

Health Care for Puyallup Tribal Members

Puyallup Tribal Health Authority has an office dedicated to serving Puyallup Tribal Members. This team assists Tribal Members with their health care needs, provides assistance in getting medical bills paid on time and helps prevent patients from going to collections. You can contact this department at MemberServices@eptha.com or by calling (253) 593-0232 during regular business hours.

Supplemental Health Care

In addition to the direct care services offered at PTHA, the Puyallup Tribe graciously provides funding to PTHA to furnish supplemental health care for Puyallup Tribal members. Supplemental health care is expanded health care coverage that is not otherwise provided at PTHA or covered under contract care or IHS funds.

Who is Eligible for Supplemental Health Care?

Enrolled Puyallup Tribal members and spouses who are enrolled in a federally recognized tribe are eligible to receive Supplemental health care regardless of where you live, as long as you follow the guidelines.

What are my Responsibilities as a Patient?

All tribal members are required to register and update registration at least once each year. Any change of personal information requires another update to be filed at PTHA. Please refer to the PTHA Referred Services brochure for other guidelines. For a copy of the brochure, please call (253) 593-0232 or email: MemberServices@eptha.com

What do I do if I need Non-emergent Care?

If you seek Non-emergent Care you may qualify for Supplemental funds. Visits to outside providers need to be authorized in advance and approved by PTHA Referral Services Department prior to the date of service. In order to get a referral for an outside care provider, you need to contact your primary care doctor. Ask your primary care doctor to send the referral request to the Referral Services Department at PTHA so it can be processed and you can schedule your appointment with that provider.

What do I do if I accessed Emergency or Urgent Care?

We understand emergency situations can happen when PTHA is closed. In case of emergency care, please notify PTHA within 72 hours of receiving services. For urgent/emergent services for elders 55+ and disabled, a 30 day notification time frame is allowed. Notify PTHA by calling (253) 593-0232, option 4, or email ReferralServices@eptha.com.

What do I do after I Receive Service?

If you receive an explanation of benefits or billing statement from your provider, please submit them to PTHA. We want to make sure your bills are paid on time, so we offer the following ways for you to submit your billing statements:

  • Drop boxes located upstairs and downstairs in Takopid
  • By fax: (253) 382-2091
  • Scan and email to: PatientAccounts-Claims@eptha.com
  • By Mail:
    Attn: Patient Accounts
    2209 East 32nd Street
    Tacoma, WA 98404

If you receive a collection notice, please use our drop box or scan and email to: MemberServices@eptha.com.

Who do I Contact for More Information?

Your Member Services department is happy to assist you with more information. You can email: MemberServices@eptha.com or call (253) 593-0232 during regular business hours.