Puyallup Tribal Member Days

As a part of our continued commitment to serve the needs of our Puyallup Tribal Members, we are excited to introduce sləx̌il ʔə tiiɫ puyaləpabš (Puyallup Tribal Member Day) in 2023.

Each month, on the third Tuesday, we will honor our Puyallup Tribe home by providing a special day for Puyallup Tribal Members to receive care at PTHA. Medical and Dental services will be reserved exclusively for Puyallup Tribal Members. They will also receive additional benefits on this day, such as priority queueing at the pharmacy. Appointments can be made by calling (253) 593-0232.

We are grateful for the Puyallup Tribe and our ancestors who have made it possible for us to provide high quality health care and promote wellness in a way that continues our traditions for future generations.

Since Puyallup Tribal Member Day is a new event at PTHA, we appreciate your patience and feedback as this will be a work in progress.