Patient Responsibilities

General Requirements

All tribal members are required to register at PTHA and update registration at least once a year. Any change of personal information (address, phone number or medical coverage) requires another update to be filed with the front desk staff at PTHA.


All tribal members must apply for alternate payment resources [link to “Alternate Resources” page] before contacting PTHA for Supplemental funds.


An itemized medical or dental bill will be required before payments will be made directly to the outside provider or vendor.


If you seek Non-emergenct Care

You may qualify for Supplemental funds only after you’ve used other alternate resources or have applied for or identified an alternate resource. In order to get a referral for an outside care provider, you must contact your primary care doctor. When you take the referral to the Referral Services Department at PTHA they will assist you in scheduling an appointment.


Visits to outside providers must be authorized in advance and approved by PTHA Referral Services Department prior to the date of service.


If you seek Emergency or Urgent Care

For urgent care after hours/weekends, you must call the PTHA on-call nurse at (253) 593-0232.


In case of emergent situations (such as trauma, chest pain, etc) you must notify PTHA Referral Services Department within 72 hours of receiving services. Failure to do so could result in denial of your claim.


For urgent/emergent services for Elders age 55+ and/or disabled, a 30 day notification time frame is allowed.


After Receiving Service

If you receive an explanation of benefits or billing statement from your provider please submit them to the Patient Accounts office.