Drug and Alcohol Treatment


Puyallup Tribal Treatment Center (PTTC) provides alcohol and drug abuse treatment and recovery services for adults and youth within the PTHA service population.



Adult Treatment Services

PTHA is dedicated to providing quality outpatient drug and alcohol treatment services to individuals with diverse backgrounds. There are two options available for adults, age 18+.


    • Outpatient consists of 1 group session per week plus individual counseling.
    • Intensive Outpatient involves 3 group sessions per week and individual counseling.



Youth Treatment Services

PTTC’s youth treatment program gives our children a safe place, in their own community, to seek help for drug and alcohol abuse. Our comprehensive services are family-focused, with treatment consisting of group and individual counseling.



Gambling Addiction

Problem gambling is a condition that affects millions of Americans. Treatment for pathological gambling is offered at PTTC on an outpatient basis and includes group and individual counseling.



Getting Help

If you or someone you know is showing signs of alcohol or substance abuse, please contact a treatment counselor or stop by PTTC.




The first step in seeking treatment is to complete an assessment. During the assessment, you will be asked a series of questions about your alcohol and drug use, any medical or mental health issues, your family and social environment, school or work experience and so on. Any information you share is confidential. After the assessment, the counselor will determine what kind of treatment program is most appropriate for you.


      Below is a list of items required to receive an assessment:

      1. Proof of recent negative TB test (within the past 6 months)
      2. Identification
      3. Other documents as needed:
      1. Court Referred: court order, criminal history report, other court paperwork
      2. CPS/ICW Referred: CPS/ICW paperwork
      3. DUI Assessment: driving abstract, police report or ticket


Alumni Picnic

The Alumni Picnic is a clean and sober event where alumni come to celebrate their changed lives. Many people in the community have dealt with alcohol and drug dependence, but have turned to treatment for help and are now recovering. Many of those people have done so through Puyallup Tribal Treatment Center. After graduating from treatment at PTTC, alumni come together each year, to remember what they went through in treatment, what it takes to be clean and sober, and why they choose to be alcohol and drug-free today. The alumni picnic is held the first Thursday in August at Spanaway Park.

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